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Hello Guys, In this video, I unboxed one of the popular low-medium ranged badminton racket Yonex Nanoray 7000i. I used for 2 days and shared my own experience with this racket. Hope this helps you buying a nice racket. Please Like Share and Subscribe.

(E)- English Willow and (K)- Kashmir willow
Cricket Bats Under 1500:
1. SS Josh (K)- Flipkart- Amazon-
2. HRS Thunder (K)- Flipkart- Amazon-
3. SG Max Cover (K)- Flipkart- Amazon-
4. GM Sting (K)- Amazon-
5. DSC Scorer (K)- Amazon-
6. SG Cobra Gold (K)- Flipkart- Amazon-
7. SG Nexus Plus (K)- Flipkart- Amazon-

Cricket Bats Under 3000:
1. SG Phoenix Xtreme (K)- Amazon- Flipkart-
2. SG VS 319 Spark (K)- Amazon-
3. New Balance DC 480 (K) -Amazon-
4. SG Hi-Score Xtreme (E)- Amazon-

Cricket Bats under 6000:
1. SG Cobra Xtreme (E)- Amazon- (Best Bat in this Range, THUMBS UP from my side)
2. SG Sunny Tonny (E)-
3. SS Premium (E)- Amazon)-

Cricket Balls:
1.SG Club Cricket Ball- Flipkart- Amazon-
2.SG Test Leather Cricket Ball- Flipkart-
3.SS Yorker Leather Cricket Ball- Amazon-

SG Hanging Ball for Practice:- Amazon-

Budget Badminton Rackets:
1.Yonex Nanoray 7000i- Flipkart- Amazon-
2.Yonex Nanoray 6000i- Flipkart- Amazon-
3.Yonex Nanoray 7 AH- Flipkart- Amazon-

Badminton Shuttles:
1.Yonex Mavis-10 Shuttle- Flipkart- Amazon-
2.Yonex Mavis-350 Shuttle- Flipkart- Amazon-

Gears I use for my videos:-
1.Main Camera (DSLR)- Flipkart- Amazon-
2.Secondary Camera (Secondary)- Flipkart-
3.Microphone- Amazon-
4.Tripod- Flipkart- Amazon-

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