Victor Carbonsonic No. 2 (REVIEW)


I was lucky enough to test out these Victor shuttlecock. These are the Victor Carbonsonic No. 2. these are ment to be the closest thing to a feather.

It had some good points and some faults. I love the design of it and that it is made from foam! The flight of the shuttle slightly swerves in the air and takes a long time to balance in the air. This makes it harder at the net and hard to control when clearing the shuttle.

Also if you hit it in the wrong place it made a really weird sound, plus it didn’t fly anywhere when you hit it in that wrong place! This shuttle is slower than feathers and plastics (that is what I found).

It did last a long time though with us hitting it hard!

My rating out of 10…I would only rate it 5 or 6 out of 10. Remember this is my opinion on the shuttle.

I would still buy a tube to test them out yourself.

Thank you to for sending these shuttles for me to test out.


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  1. Would you prefer to play with it over other synthetic shuttles though is the question you didn't anwer?

  2. Is the number 1 better closer to a feather then? As the number 1 has real cork instead of plastic cork.


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