Top MBA Specializations


Which is the best MBA specialization to select? Whether you’re an engineer, doctor, lawyer pursuing an MBA, the answer to it depends on your interests and career goals.

MBA Crystal Ball founder, Sameer Kamat, covers the most popular MBA specialisations in finance, marketing, information systems (IT), human resources (HR), operations, consulting, entrepreneurship.

He also covers some industry specializations (healthcare / pharmaceuticals, media & entertainment, non-profit), so you have a better idea while selecting the best specialization for your MBA.

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Try this SCM game to see if you have the skills to become an operations manager:


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  1. The video description has plenty of related articles to read, and an interesting online SCM simulation game to play. Post your questions for us in the comments below.

  2. sir can you please suggest a MBA program for service engineer .. most of the engineering(electronic/electrical engg)graduate who are working in core field as service engineer

  3. Hello Sir, Iam working as Tour consultant in Dubai n Iam a bcom hns graduate. My job profile is to explore destinations and create itineraries according to client's interest. It includes lots of travelling as well. Could you plz advise if Marketing is better or International business?

  4. Sir ….is genreal mba is a good option to choose…???…and if it is the which mba programs in usa are good for that..

  5. Sir,I am a graduate in English literature and I am interested in doing MBA.Can you suggest me a specialization which will be suitable to me? Please do reply sir…

  6. Especially in India never do MBA in Finance u will face severe competition from CA, CMA, CFA, CS or do while completing CFA level 1 because most of the subjects are similar

  7. Sir i want to do my own be an enterprenure.. which specialization should i choose?? & Which is the best collg in india and abroad for that particular specialization…pls pls help me sir.

  8. Hello Sir, I am Currently Pursuing my Btech in Game Development. so i am confused in taking a particular mba program which could help me further can you suggest me a mba program which will be helpful for me please Sir.. I am Confused in Operation Management ,Finance and Human Resource. I want to be financially well setlled so i am confused which program to choose among these

  9. Which is better, Product management or SAP functional consulting for MM, SD, FICO modules etc in terms of growth, both responsibility and compensation wise, size of the job market in India and worldwide and finally, in terms of future proofing the career from the claws of automation?

  10. Is Universities such as iowa state University, Auburn University, Humboldt state University, University of South Florida worth it for doing MBA for an international applicant ?

  11. Hi sir,i am an Architect -student and want to get into real estate sector+investing.Will general MBA help me or any other specializations?

  12. Hey hi, I've completed my B-tech Biotechnology and I'm interested in doing MBA abroad but there's no idea in what to choose and where to do my MBA …. Can u please help me out by guiding me…?! 😊

  13. hi i did my MBA in chennai and currently working as HR recruiter with two years of experience
    i would like to get international exposure and i planned to do mba in different specialisation in abroad . What is your suggestion regarding this n i've started preparing for gmat also.

    MARKETING- 01:01
    HR- 02:08
    FINANCE- 03:11
    IT- 04:00
    CONSUTING- 04:37
    OPERATIONS- 06:31

  15. Sir, I would like to know more about MBA in international business, colleges offering this course, career opportunities and salary package. Please help me out with this thing. Waiting for your reply. Thank you.

  16. I would like to know how different is general MBA compared to MBA with specialisation for higher studies in the UK.

  17. Hlw sir
    I am a graduate from Kiit university bhubaneshwar specialisation in mechanical engineering (BE),presently persuing masters in renewable energy from university of petroleum and energy studies dehradun.I am likely to peruse business analytics cource from abroad, have gone through colleges like Edinburg ,eth zurich and likely to do my cource from there .I need little guidance from you what to do and if by chance not this college then where should I be aiming for..


  18. Is persuing an MBA in healthcare management be useful as I am a graduate in anaesthesia technology which is a paramedical course

  19. I have a 1.5 years of experience in Marketing of Sun pharma ,please guide me regarding the MBA from good B.School ,I want to succeed in this profession by doing MBA .pls guide I am confused..

  20. Hi Sameer. I have done MTech in CSE from IITK. My thesis was in AI and Machine Learning. I am looking forward to combine Data Science and business and switch my career. I am presently serving in Indian Army. Now my search told me that such tailor made programs are offered abroad like as MBAn Master in Business Analytics. Schools offering are like MIT, Stanford and Schulich school of business. My queries are 1. Will this MBAn complement my present degree and skill set. 2. Is doing MBA in such specialised field goes against in job placement compared to conventional field like Operations mgt, finance, HR etc.

  21. Hello Sir,
    Can explain me about the MBA Specialisation in International Business is it valuable or not ?
    Thank you .

  22. Sir, I would like to get in to the
    area of investment banking and I would like to know something more about it. And what are the
    best universities/colleges that open doors to investment banking.
    Could please help me out with these thing. Thank you.

  23. Hi, i am from Biotech background and am working as a Clinical Data Analysts for 3 yrs.. am I eligible to get to specialisation other that Pharma/Biotech program?

  24. Hi sir, as you said work experience is mandatory for joining in an elite
    institution and experience in any field will be ok for that. Waiting for your reply.


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