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Here is my review of the Tom Ford lipsticks! These things cost a pretty penny, so you have to wonder: are they worth the hype?!

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint first impression:
L’Oreal Cushion Foundation first impression:
MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick first impression:

Products mentioned:
Tom Ford Lipsticks:

– Blush Nude
– Indian Rose
– Casablanca
– First Time (matte)
– Black Dahlia (Matte)


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  1. The blush nude is discontinued on the website. Is there anyway I can get it online still for my wife!! Been looking for the perfect lipstick

  2. You look beautiful in the Black Dahlia! Maybe try blotting and re-applying. It REALLY brings out your eyes!

  3. It's ironic you didn't like the Black Dahlia because that one looks fierce on you. I pretty much like all of them you tried. You bought similar shades, basically various tones of pink. I love Tom Ford lipsticks, thanks for the review.

  4. I have "Cherry Lush" from 2009/2010 that I purchased pre-launch, before Tom Ford ever sold makeup, and it still smells delicious, still creamy, still beautiful, same shape. It has a white container and I will always keep it for sentimental reasons.

    I rarely use lipstick, but I've been thinking about purchasing a new color that I can wear daily. Tom Ford exceeded all of my expectations that I never knew I had for a lipstick. I do not want to wear anything else! His products are the definition of quality and are worth the price.

  5. I like that you take few weeks to review this product. I think we can only honestly learn about a product after trying it on for enough time(days or weeks), in different environment(controlled or not). Thanks for sharing.

  6. Girl I feel with you concerning the price. But own 4 TF AND I absolutely love them. Use mac lip prep and prime, chanel lip balm and then TF. They are nice and smell nice. The shades are gorgeous. Prefer the creamier ones. Love their nude shades. Have Casablanca, bare Peach , sable smoke and Luscious Ultra Shine. Compared to other lip sticks they have a wider selection of shades in my opinion. Nice review by the way and love the selection of your shades.

  7. I bought casablanca for 13 dollars. Got super lucky maybe. Im stumped myself coz i would never pay 78$ for a single lipstick.. and in my country it is that much.

  8. I absolutely love the Tom Ford lipsticks. I don't buy or wear a lot of make-up, especially lipstick and these are great (even on smaller lips like mine). The Paradiso and True Coral are my favourites. I'm a fair-medium skin tone, with very dark brown hair and green/grey eyes but I think that these colours would complement most skin tones and colouring. They're perfect for summer. I also cringe at the price but haven't ever regretted buying these.

  9. I totally agree, these lipsticks are so good! I am one of those people that has to reapply lipstick every hour, don't know where it goes! but these wear so well and make your lips look amazing

  10. anyone know a youtuber who is darker thats made a lipstick swatch review of this product???/ 🙁 hard to tell if they wont wash me out

  11. His nudes like "satin chic" which i bought are so wearable, and so unique, when alot of other brand nudes just aren't.

  12. I've wanted to try TF but scared of the price. I found they have smaller 2g sized lipsticks (I got Boys and Girls in the shade Magnus) which were a nice way to try before purchasing a full size version. I've been eyeing the Indian Rose shade. I'm so glad to see you wear that one so I can see how it looks swatched on the lips. I think after Christmas and I'm not so poor I'll gift that one to myself. 🙂

  13. I absolutely love TF shade Pussycat….it was pricey but totally worth it. Lasted me for nearly 2 years, and the texture&color were amazing!

  14. Why does noone ever mention how the lipstick move when you rub your lips against each other? I bought the blush nude to try and was not impressed. My sister had the same issue. The actual lipstick roll up and move, rather than spread around like other lipsticks. I was very disappointed.

  15. I had a blackout / freakout moment and got one when they did not have the color Dior I wanted. I had that sticker shock buying Lip color shine 06 which is called " Abandon." I love it and I think it's one of the best feeling lipsticks I have!!!

  16. So much hate in the comments for this lipstick :/ I have 1 colour, a bright red, and it is the most stunning, comfortable lipstick I own! It wears nicely, you don't need to retouch often, and makes my lips look bigger somehow. Really goes to show how versatile opinions are.

  17. I saw these lastnight in the store and I fell in love with the color SMITTEN i just wanted to see of it would be worth it and is sounds good ill be goinf to get it

  18. I DO NOT BELIEVE that lipstick cost 60.00 or 70.00 $. You don't pay for ingredients you pay for his name. I can't believe people still don't realize it. I would never pay this kind of money for lipstick. Do you really think when you wear it, that people recognize the name behind it? NO. You can spend your money more wisely…


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