The Strange Story of the Mp3 Player


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In this episode we’ll take a look at the unusal history of the Mp3 player. Some people may think it began with the iPod in 2001 but the story begins back in 1979 with Kane Kramer.

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  1. my ex girlfriends father played a track on his vinyl system, the needle was like a horse's hair, expensive shit, anyhow, it sounded like I was in the room when it was recorded, fingers moving up the guitar, air, presence of the musicians… he then immediately played the track on mp3… and all of that was gone.

  2. Hi ColdFusion TV, how you been, you're my best friend, good to see ya. Who, me? When I find myself constipated and my bowels need a gentle nudge, I watch ColdFusion TV with a Korean man called Howzer.

  3. Aknowkedged him as the inventor, flew him to the States, used him to get themselves out of hot water.

    Apple: Think Differently.

  4. Great videos! I’m addicted to my upbringing throwbacks! Can you do one on the history of commodore Vic 20/ 64 / Amigas / 128 / executive? I have 2 executives sitting in my office. The commodore attracted me to BBS, programming in basic and much more.

  5. I claim to be the Inventor of the current day dual CD mixer with turntable flywheel controls. Spoke about idea on a WABC talk radio show because I could not afford to patent idea. I could not figure out how to control the speed or pitch of the music program. So Technically I invented the DJ controller 😞 This is why I call myself DJ DIGITAL "The Original".
    I just converted back to vinyl and records are making a comeback!

  6. Mp3 was the greatest inventory . And peaple don't care. Imagine they didn't invented mp3 how our life would be

  7. Another thing that Apple stole and made worse for the users and marked up to astronomical prices, apple fanboys are the stupidest people on the planet

  8. All that's great, but the reality is technology has killed the music industry. Today artist record their music but they have no album or cd to sell. Fans don't even buy a single song anymore. People pay a low monthly fee and artist make pennies, if they are lucky. I speak from experience, I watched the deterioration. Record labels are gone, now tech companies like Sony control everything.

  9. 7:11 Actually, the Rio 500 had a wheel on the side that could scroll though artists and individual songs. Pressing the wheel played the selected track. It was similar to the scroll wheel/third button on a mouse.

  10. The fact that the inventor of the mp3 players was only given an iPod as "compensation" by the company he indirectly saved for shitdom makes me want to throw up.

  11. Any chance you can make a video on USB and FireWire. These connections would greatly revolutionize the way how personal computers connect and how we communicate with devices.

  12. I just wanna say that in 1999 i had Netflix and Spotify in my head as an invention. I didnt know how or if it was possible but i was telling my dad about a box that has movies and music in it with the press of a button. I imagined it as a vcr player with everything built in though , im always amazed that this became reality and im still poor.

  13. I am am an old time tech geek. I have just found your channel in the last few days. I have very basic outline knowledge of a lot of the topics you covered. I have seen a dozen videos on your channel in the last few days that gave me the complete story on a lot of subjects, this topic the mp3 player, the MS dos story, the iphone etc.. Great channel. Love your work.

  14. Interesting – I believe the Diamond Media Rio PMP 300 rolled out 6 months prior to the SeaHan. At the time I working with Creative Labs

  15. Amazing Content! Fascinating ColdFusion! Where would anyone find this kind of information, we use these devices everyday, to know how they started and where they came from is just Great! Keep doing what you are doing!

  16. I opened the first dedicated computer store in my county back in 1982, but my interest in computers goes all the way back to ENIAC computers. I admit my interest was mainly in the fact that ENIAC could play songs rather than the information it could store and process lol. I really enjoy looking back at the history of the personal computer and how it has evolved into the watch, I now wear on my wrist, which is a peripheral of my smart phone. I hope one day you will do a segment on the Commodore computers and their rise and fall due to the advent of the IBM PC computer.


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