The Search for Badminton Shoes


Even though I’m the average sized America, sometimes I feel like big foot or some gigantic monster living in China. Today was one of those days. Help me make better videos at

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My shoes are Wish Brand, a local Xiamen brand that is popular here.

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I’m an American living and learning badminton in China. Follow me on my journey from total newb to (hopefully) expert player both on my blog and my vlog! Like most Americans I had never played badminton seriously or even knew that it was a real sport until I moved to China and fell in love with it. I feel very lucky that I get to learn the sport in China although it definitely brings it’s own challenges both with the different language and culture. I will share both the victories, frustrations and every embarrassing moment in between with you.

You can see video about my first 2 years of progress here:

Please support me on Patreon! Since I live in China every dollar goes further here and I’d like badminton to go viral and make a bigger impact on mainstream culture. I think if more people were exposed to badminton then they would love it. Help me make badminton more popular and get some exclusive perks!


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  1. Is Li-Ning shoes available? I've never worn out my shoes like that. I replace when shoes no longer keep my ankles in place. I change shoes twice a year.


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