The First Step – Cooking Mama 2


The First Step is a weekly show brought to you by GDQ Hotfix and regular hosts JHobz and Keizaron. Speedrunning can be intimidating to get started with, but it doesn’t have to be! Learn just how easy it can be by utilizing semi-blind races — races of games you’ve played before, but never tried to speedrun — and (hopefully) find a few laughs along the way. Tune in live on Thursdays at 7pm Eastern at to race alongside the hosts! This edition of The First Step aired on November 28th, 2019.



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  1. Hadn't played Cooking Mama in a few years (and never tried to speedrun before), and I had a copy of CM2, so I played along. I finished the first 4 pages in 1:39:26!

  2. 52:05 No speed runs of cooking mama 2? Does that mean one of you is now a record holder in the category 4 pages no broken medals?

  3. I just saw two hours of Cooking Mama and clicked before even realizing it was a speedrun.

    Also, if you have some knowledge of cooking to fill in some steps, Cooking Mama IS pretty accurate in showing the proper processes and steps for making things. Of course it takes more time to do it but you can learn the recipes.

  4. GDQ has been churning out more and more speedrun content as the years go, it's great.
    AGDQ, SGDQ, GDQx, HotFix, First Step, Frame Fatales, Sprint, etc


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