The Better Field Watch: Seiko SNZG11J1 Review (SNZG Series, SNZG)


SNZG11 K1:
SNZG11 J1:
Seiko SNK805(Green):
Brown Leather strap on SNZG:
Brown / Green Leather strap for SNK:

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Taking a look at the SNK series big brother. Seikos SNZG field watches. Specifically the blue SNZG11j1, made in japan, model. Also comparing it to it’s more famous little brother at the same time. Is it a worthy upgrade?

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  1. The snk is the perfect size and price to start your kid on the path the watch appreciation. Snk for the kid and snz for yourself and perfect set of parent and kid watches for around 200$.

  2. I've had two SNK's both good solid watches but neither were really good timekeepers (not really bad) even after I adjusted them myself, always a little erratic. Good solid watch, you'll never need a battery but don't expect very accurate timekeeping.

  3. I don't know what all of you are on about. I am complaining that I can't find them in a smaller size say…. 30 or 34mm……. Am I the only one equating a big watch with a big truck?

  4. Well it's 40 mm. Then comes the 2 mm with the crown. And no screwn down crown.. But it actually wears small because of the sloped "bezel"
    My wrist is 17,6 cm and it's the absolute minimum size watch for me

  5. Nice watch! My only complaint is that 42 is on the bigger size to what maybe a field watch should be (at least in my opinion). Whatever happened to 40mm?!
    That would have been the better size if the snk was to small. Definitely the better size for my wrist

  6. I feel like the hands are far too short for the increased bezel dimension. It is like they just re-purposed small case hands.

  7. I am the guy who will never pay more then USD 200 for a watch. I think this watch is perfect for me …… Thanks for reviewing.

  8. I am the guy who will never pay more then USD 200 for a watch. I think this watch is perfect for me …… Thanks for reviewing.

  9. had a Seiko SNZG J1 …lasted about six years . Local watch repair guy said the 7S36 movement is actually made in Malaysia. NH 36 movement is interchangeable and an upgrade.

  10. I own the malaisian version. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Didn't even know that the SNZG existed in "made in Japan". I immediatly go and buy the KJ1 ! Thanks for your precious advices mate.

  11. I'm curious, do Seiko have a quartz or mecaquartz alternative to this watch?
    Love the design, but already have a fair few auto's.

    Any info appreciated!

  12. i had the SNK you feature here. 3.5 years of regular use and it just died. Started to make some dodgy noises and just died.

  13. The size and recessed crown of the SNK are the things I like most about it. To each his on. Enjoyed the review though.

  14. Good review I made the same mistake you did I just thought it was another version of the same watch and I bought an Snk instead I think more because I like the aviation look but I see your point I didn’t even notice that size difference or the raised chapter Ring. Probably next time drop does another drop I’m probably gonna pick what up

  15. Excellent review. I like this watch but do not like the band. I do think it looks great with the leather band you showed in the video however. Where could I get that leather band?

  16. I bought an SNZGJ1 with a steel bracelet because I think it's the perfect watch for me. What I don't understand is why it's called a "field watch". It's a perfectly regular watch unless I'm missing something.

  17. I was going to buy the black version, but after watching this, I've just bought a K1 blue and a leather strap, hope it looks like 6:21, thanks for the video.

  18. I have a black SNZG and love it on a NATO strap. Only complaint would be that I need to get a watch winder because it only holds about 36 hrs of power unlike my Eco-drive watches that hold several weeks of power!

  19. I have an SNK809 which, by luck, runs as accurate as a quartz. Speaking of quartz I purchase the Bertucci A2T Super Classic 200m with screw down crown, 10yr batt and Sapphire crystal. Very nice.

  20. Yes, I have the SNZG. It’s the only watch that I own. It’s worn daily and I rarely take it off. I work with it on, swim and bath. Chainsaws, cutting wood, hammering nails, yard work…it doesn’t matter. It’s beat to crap, with many nicks and scratches in the hardex. That said, it keeps on ticking while holding good time. I love the watch, and though it’s beat up, it’s a real keeper.

  21. Man im so stoked on this video and watch, they changed everything about the SNK perfectly. I was a big SNK fan but could never buy one because the dial focused so much on minute markers. I never understood why… Now ill be buying an SNZG… PERFECT WATCH!

  22. So this watch is what the Deerfun watch i bought on amazon was trying to immitate XD
    . I like that it's easy to read ,, that's about it , , only difference in looks is the triangle at 12 position not being a triangle.

  23. Thanks for a great review, absolutely spot on. I bought SNK807 for myself but felt it's too small for me. Then I saw your review and this was it. I sent the SNK807 back to Amazon and went for SNZG11K1 (no Japanese ones there). I am absolutely super happy with it. Love it! Now waiting for the field strap you recommended to come in the post. I am very grateful for a genuine advice, you are a star! One thing, as you say the Japanese make is more a collector thing than a real difference. Agree 100% with it. I have measured accuracy of both and SNK807 was speeding around 20 seconds a day while SNZG11K1 is speeding around 2 to 3 seconds a day which is absolutely masters craftsmanship as per mechanical watches and this is not made in Japan. All the best!

  24. I have the snk japan model my mate got the k model which stopped after 3 months he did not send it back had it cleaned locally had dirt and grease inside cost him 80 euros . QC issue here

  25. Once again you and a lot of other YouTube channels the watch is strapped too tight and too far up the arm, it looks a lot nicer looser & in between the wrist bone in the hand.

  26. Very nice video. These are definitely a bargain watch. I have the black dialed version and it currently lives on an extremely cheap black nato, that I will upgrade eventually. I agonized initially over this or the SNK, and I'm glad I went with the SNZG (In fact it might have been this video that pushed me over the edge). I prefer field watches with the 24 hour markers under the 12 hour markers, plus the higher water resistance and larger size sold it for me. Even with 6.5" wrists, it works well for me and I prefer watches with wrist presence (my daily worn watch is a SRP777 Seiko Turtle on the rubber strap, and before that it was a SRPB51 Seiko Samurai on the bracelet). Keep up the good work!

  27. Too large, thick and heavy to pass as a "field watch". I know it's only meant to be "in the style of…", but still… we would like a "true" field watch from Seiko – slightly smaller and lighter, while keeping the traditional look of the military watch.

  28. I like the snk better. Seiko 5 by definition has the crown recessed at 4 or 5, so the snz is not in keeping with the definition. Having it smaller at 4 is more comfortable when wearing. Also, the snz dial having 13 – 24 indices is just plain dumb. The snk dial is much more functionally correct. Also, I hate the idea of the snz having two extra useless jewels. And finally, I bought the snk 807 and 809 on Amazon both for less than $50. The snz has always been more than double the price whenever I have checked. The extra water resistance is the only benefit I see in the snz, but without a screw down crown, I'm skeptical of that benefit.


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