Sprite – Nghĩ Thông Mở Lối


Sprite – Nghĩ Thông Mở Lối.
Tham gia thật nhiều hoạt động với giải thưởng hấp dẫn tại

Nguồn: https://joincrossblog.com/


  1. Wow! Hirap bang intindihin? Filipino commercial na edited/dubbed for Vietnam market.
    Tulad na lang ng US commercials na ine-edit for, say, Japanese or Korean markets.

  2. I think this was also shot in the Philippines. The building behind looks like the Department of Tourism building in Manila

  3. I watched it like the first time and immediately noticed that they weren't speaking Filipino. That's Keith from the Philippines. How come he's speaking Vietnamese? Great commercial tho.

  4. His name is Keith San Esteban Thompson. Nickname is Kit. He is also dubbed as "Kid Tangkad ng Pampanga."
    Birthdate: February 15, 1997
    Origin:Angeles, Pampanga
    Nationality:Filipino-New Zealand
    Occupation:Student, Model
    Civil Status:Single
    Hobbies:Playing Frisbee, Basketball

  5. Well well if I am not wrong the man in the motor is also the man in our second sprite commercial klaro ang diskarte her in the Philippines!

  6. Người Việt đẹp thiệt. Mấy người đẹp thế này ít thấy đóng phim còn mấy người xấu lên đóng phim hoài hèn gì ai cũng chê phim Vn nhạt, thiếu muối.


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