Sen. Bernie Sanders, Bowing Out Of The Race, Gently Breaks The News To Supporters


The Democratic primary has effectively come to a close with the departure of Senator Bernie Sanders, who addressed members of his grassroots movement on Wednesday and urged them not to give up the fight for economic justice. #StephenAtHome #Bernie #Monologue

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  1. I think this loss is going to resonate for decades to come, what Progressive can we possibly hope to drag America in the 21st century after Bernie? Thank you boomers for damning every generation after you to a fucked economy and planet, we really appreciate it.

  2. 2:20 – Then how about VP Bernie Sanders? Biden doesn't have a chance by himself. A White House with BOTH of them would be a serious kick in the non-existent balls to the douchebag who lives there now. Ask Bernie to be your running-mate, Joe!!!!!!

  3. "Bad news, Bernie–only 1% of my guests get that"–did he mean Bernie is in the top 1%? That's gonna hurt.

  4. Threre is plenty of evidance that the W.H.O. diseregarded taiwan pappers that said that the virus is transmitted human to human, because china does not believe in taiwan. They criticized early travel bans. Come on, you're journalists, do your job.

  5. at least we are at a place where gender norms have finally allowed our president to refer to himself as a cheerleader

  6. You disappoint me #Stephencolbert. You know he no longer has the ability to campaign properly" but can continue fighting, as hard as he can, to get medical coverage andaid to all Americans, especially DURING THIS PANDEMIC. That is, in my opinion, intellectual dishonesty, to accuse him of ending any of the issues he's been fighting for. He must focus on his part in trying to save lives, right now. And, deserves respect for that. Yet, you go from anger for people suggesting your candidate drop, having zero path to the white house, to gloating that a man that wants all Americans to have healthcare as a human right, won't be president.

    I'm disappointed 😞

  7. Too bad many of us won’t vote for Biden. The incredibly intelligent DNC is handing Trump a victory. Then, they will blame progressives for their ignorance. We will not continue to vote for people we don’t believe in, because the centrist want US to “unite” the party, by agreeing to choose who they want. When will centrists “unite” the party by choosing a progressive candidate? Voting out of fear disgusts me. Look at Hillary. I voted for her to “unite” the party and ensure a big win for Democrats. How did that work out for us? Never again, DNC! You can lose all on your own. #SwitchingToIndependent2020

  8. Trump’s team is performing just like you’d expect any team would…with a cheerleader playing at quarterback.

  9. Steven you're wrong about there not being a primary. Bernie IS still on the ballots in all the remaining primary states. Bernie wants you to vote for him. His campaign is only suspended, not terminated. D

  10. Stephen, man, the world health organization did cover up the pandemic, and silenced warning from Taiwan at the directive of china. I hate trump, but this crisis helped expose how corrupt the WHO is, so I actually agree that we should cut their funding. Do your hw

  11. Colbert has been against Sanders from the start… so have fun with Biden then!!! It's 2016 all over again.

  12. So Colbert when he shutdown China travel early on, u called him a xenophobe :)… uvebeen a sore loser since u went wrong on Hillary lol

  13. I don't know if it's the same for everyone but when Stephen said "Look over there!" I got a commercial break. Funny.

  14. It will help further for trump to get his second term thanks for Bernie Sanders retreat unless Joe Biden choose Bernie as his vice president.


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