Rural Tourism: Kurukshetra April 2019 (Examrace – Dr. Manishika Jain)


Perspectives in Rural Tourism: Kurukshetra April 2019 is explained in this lecture

Thenmala Ecotourism: India’s first planned ecotourism destination. Major activities & zones in this scenic spot situated 72 kms away from Trivandrum are a) Adventure zone, b) Boating c) Butterfly safari, d) children’s park, e) Deer Rehabilitation Centre, f) Leisure zone g) Musical dancing fountain, & h) Nakshatravanum.

Latest contribution by Thenmala Ecotourism Society (TEPS) is barrier free access for hearing & visually challenged visiting this pioneer ecotourism destination in country lunched in march 2019.0.
Increasing Interest in Rural Tourism

Rural Tourism has certain typical characteristics like it is experience oriented locations are sparsely populated, it is pre- dominantly in natural environment, it meshes w/essentiality & local events & is based on preservation of culture, heritage & tradition.
Major Types of Rural Tourism (RT) in India

Agricultural Tourism
Cultural Tourism
Nature Tourism
Adventure Tourism
Food Routes
Community Eco tourism
Ethno Tourism
Increasing Interest in Rural Tourism (RT)

RT helps to garner knowledge on agriculture, farming, local governance etc.
RT helps to remove myths about rural lifestyle that may exist in urban minds, like villages are unhygienic rural life is unsafe etc.
RT will help a person to explore vast diversity that breathe in interiors of India.
Some popular Rural Tourism Destinations

Kutch Adventures IndiaItmennan Lodges Punjabiyat
§Ecosphere Spirit
Visits to Buddhist monasteries yak safaris, treks to villages, village homestays & cultural performances are some of possible activities.
Lachen, Sikkim
Located at 8500 feet against backdrop of snow capped peaks, glaciers & rock cliffs, amidst mixed conifer & Rhododendron forests.
Ballabhpur Danga, West Bengal
Santhal Adivasi tribal community in pastoral beauty of rural Bengal. Sonajhuri forest lies to east & Ballarpur Avayaranya forest area & bird sanctuary is to its south
Sunderbans Village Life
Majuli in Assam
Pochampally, Telangana
Rural Tourism (RT) & Rural Women

RT presents both opportunities & challenges for women, which makes gender equality perspective highly relevant.
Work in RT sectors of destination area is concentrated particularly in retailing accommodation & catering, selling entertainment & transportation provisions.
Draft tourism policy 1997 sees emergence of tourism as an important instrument for sustainable human development including poverty alleviation, employment generation, environment regeneration & advancement of women & other disadvantaged groups in India.
Tourism sector definitely provides various entry points for women’s employment & opportunities in small & medium sized income generating activities for creating self employment.
RT can create long term employment & provides skilled unskilled training & career development opportunities for women.
RT will boost women’s empowerment & provides young/agriculturist livelihood diversification. RT has potential of establishing medium & small enterprises started by women entrepreneurs.
RT will promote local production, education, art & architecture, community self
Esteem & pride, heritage & nature conservation.

Development of RT is passport of poverty alleviation & can double women farmer’s income w/o creating negative impacts on environment & ecology.
RT has potential of developing new professional profiles in form of local tour guides escorts, Manager of Accommodation, Production House, Food Joints, Souvenir Shops & Services. Women can be hires for such services.


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