Rita Wilson – Throw Me A Party [Official Music Video]


The official music video for “Throw Me A Party” by Rita Wilson. Listen to “Throw Me A Party” on music platforms → Listen to …

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  1. Rita, you are an inspiration and you spoke the exact words I would have spoken from my heart. Thank you so much. God bless!

  2. rita u killed it this am with ur hip hophorray mad my day im mike from canada i did one as well hope do i get it to hr if anything thanks for cheering lots of us up u and tom make so many people happy bless u im posting my favorite naughty by nature track hope u get to see it love from canada

  3. Wow. That was probably the hardest video I forced myself to get through on YouTube. Absolutely beautiful. Great song, excellent video. Thank you Rita Wilson.

  4. This is really a great song. I knew that you were a great actress, but I had no idea that you had such a great voice too!

  5. This is truly BEAUTIFUL. I grew up in Hollywood same time as Rita. Rita, you went to school with my big sister at Hollywood High! I watched your TedTalk first and this video shows how fortunate we all are that you had the courage to follow your calling here.

  6. I was reading something just a moment ago about Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks recovering from the coronavirus when it mentioned her being on tour. I had no idea she was a singer! So I came to YouTube to check her out. She’s amazing!

  7. リタさん、ご主人のニュースからリタさんが歌手と知りこちらに来ました。歌声と詩がとても穏やかで心に染みました。今私にも心に問題はありますが、素直に涙が流れました。何よりも命が大切です。どうぞ一日も早く元気になって、また素敵な曲を聞かせて下さい🙏有難うございました


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