[RELOADED] Download, Install and Crack Battlefield 3


I’m sorry you need to turn up your speakers because voice in the video is low.

Game’s link:

For those who only want crack file:

Points which I forgot to mention:-

1). Just always keep your Antivirus OFF but don’t worry there’s no risk of virus.

2). The setup will set location for installation as D:/ . Just select your disk such as somewhere in C:/

3). It may happen that after loading of mission the screen may go black and u might not be able to use task manager in that case when screen goes black press Start button on the keyboard and simply sign out and then sign in nothing will happen to your game progress.

4). If there are any errors please comment down below in comment section.

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  1. Thank you all for your kind comments. I've learnt to make beats and now I make all kind of beats.

    I'd glad if you check them out. Thanks for your support all, love you fam 💛

  2. Oh my god i tried alot of stuff.
    I saw your video and my mistake was renaming the file. Thank you so much. And yeah there is no virus. Trust me. And pls seed

  3. its not working .. i just instal the game and copy paste the crack ..nothing work ..idont know can you help


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