R1200GS Real Off-Road in Transylvania


Watch the BMW R1200GS handling some challenging roads in Transylvania at RideX GS TT 2017.

We just got back from GS Transylvania Tour 2017. There were more than 20 big adventure riders over there. Four days. More than 1.200 km, on mountain passes, asphalt, forests and river crossings. The GS TT is an event organized by RideX (ridex.ro) that takes place each year in the second half of August. This was the second edition and the organizers already announced the third one: 21th-26th of August 2018. You just need a GS motorcycle (F650, F800, R1200), some dual sport tires and that’s it. You can go and have fun.

So, mountain passes, stunning places and river crossings. But above that it’s about the people and the all the fun we had together. And you can see it by watching this video.

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  1. Beautiful environment, very nice drone shots, very amateur bunch of riders. And why there is no any other brand? Is this bmw sponsored or what? Too heavy packed bikes for those river crossings. Overall, colorful and different. And I got no word from Romanian talking. Come on, it's 2020, English is not that hard folks. Still a watchable nice video. All the best.

  2. Great tour!I was choosing the tires for my gs to use in enduro conditions,and now i will buy anakee wild for sure)

  3. dear sir to enjoy offroad and natural beauty you should visit mustang nepal along with manang. I am sure you won't be disappointed 🙂
    all the best for your crew
    love from Nepal <3

  4. Only rich people afford to ride BMW motorcycles in Eastern Europe. Back there riding is not just a transportation mean but also a status symbol. Born & raised there so I know what I'm talking about.

  5. …proč ti "jezdci" motocykl stále odněkud tahají, nebo zvedají – byl přece stvořen pro jízdu !

  6. Это не офроуд а обычная дорога им надо на лошодях ездить а не на гусях везде падают

  7. Que choo curti a bmw e uma paisagem tao linha muito bom um passeio com os amigos parabéns ( Adriano itapipoca ceará brasil)

  8. Why u treat your bike like that ?
    It did something wrong ?
    If u dont like the bike you can give it to me :)))


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