Park BoGum cameo Itaewon Class ep 16


Credit to all rightful owners #itaewonclass #itaewonclassep16 #ParkBoGum #ParkBoGumcameo.



  1. Great drama from beginning to the end , but I gotta say seeing park bo gum I jump off my bed , he is so gorgeous , love him in everything he does , this was one hell of a surprise, such a great ending ❤️😘👏

  2. This was my favorite scene for Ep. 16! Lol Hong Seok-cheon cracked me up – he and I were thinking the same thing!! "Hire him no matter what!" All his lines were funny!! "Just say everything taste great! You really have to pick him! Starting tomorrow, I'm going to come to work here too!" FreakN hilarious!! LOL

  3. Unnestly i ship soo ah x saeroyi,, since saeroyi feel in love with yi seo i stop watching this drama,, and i found this video… soo ah u deserve being happy, and bo gum its the right guy for u…. 😍


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