NEW Beats Tour V2 Review! [HD]


Beats Tour V2 Review! Enjoy

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  1. I have a question i just bought these now the active ones and i have no bass but the sound is awsome so i think I bought the fake ones but on the box they say its apple product

  2. I have bose soundsport and these beats earbuds and I need to say it you get the noise cancelling buds for the bose soundsports. Oh my fucking God they kick beats into the gutter. Bose for life nigga! And diz niggaz Chevy az fuk.

  3. I have the same earbuds but I'm going to tell everybody one little thing before you get them the cord still tangles even though it's a tangle free cord

  4. so im still trying to figure out which to get while im working out Beats tour 2.0 OR Powerbeats? ANY HELP?


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