My Tour of My Shamble of a Printer Dungeon


The room is an Overcrowded Shambles right now.
I still have to keep going with the multiple projects but I also have to consider stopping for a while to rearrange and reorganize everything.
But I hope you enjoy the tour regardless.
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  1. Hello Mr. Rodriguez, I'm an enthusiast photographer who shoots mostly portraits and landscapes and I'm having a Pro-100 delivered today so I've been watching many of your videos all week and listening to your advice. I'm planning on the Precision Colors route with modifying my cartridges once they run low and buying the PC CLI-8 for the yellow (with an extra set of modified genuine CLI-8 cartridges so I can swap them all at once when one runs low), so basically their Deluxe package with the bottle cap syringe as you've advised. Here's my question: Should I modify the original CLI-42 cartridges one at a time when they run low, refill them with PC ink, and replace them (which will make the printer do a purge each time for each cartridge, wasting ink and filling up my waste tank), or should I modify all of the cartridges at once whenever the first one runs low? Thank you!

  2. Hey… at 12:01 I see the box with those prints I sent you last year. Hope you got some use out of them 🙂

  3. Thanks for the tour. One thing I was always curious about in the dungeon, on a lower shelf always visible in your videos there appears to be a collection of magazines, black with the top edge color coded. What are they? Just curious. You really maximize the available space.
    Can you share with us what Processor, and amount of Ram 🐑 in your editing PC's? Also monitor brand & model? Thank you very much!

  4. Hello Jose, what happened to your Pro 9500 MKII? and how do you feel about expired inks from Precision Color? Thanks

  5. Have you tried hitting the button to move to the next set of ID numbers I bet the same ID number from your first set of refillables is in this resetter too. Just throwing out an idea. I have no experience with the p800.

  6. Wonder if there are different models of Pro-1 for US and Aus , the one in the tour has a shiny facia , mine here from Aus is matte black . Loved the tour .


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