Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV 2019 in-depth review – see why it's worth £150,000!


This is the all-new Mercedes-AMG G63! While the outer design remains true to the original 1979 G-Class, once you take a seat inside you’ll see just where the G-Wagon has developed, with an incredibly high-tech interior dominated by two large infotainment screens! But that retro exterior style & modern interior doesn’t come cheap, with a six-figure price tag as standard! So is it really worth the cost? Join Mat in his latest review to find out!

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  1. Ah the reason it disconnects is because of the droid phone. It is a known problem with the Android community but owners wouldnt admit the flaw.

  2. I really don’t think a person who can drop 150k on a car is going to care about saving 7k. Especially the types of people that own sed vehicle lol

  3. All your critics, mate … are fox & grapes whinings. 😃 The minute you'll have 150 k to spend … you'll buy one. 😃

  4. No… dont buy. Too many added electronics that remove the real driving experience of this animal. Go for the previous model. Much better.

  5. Favorite SUV, too expensive and the New doesn't pay, you keep the price, and repairs are like driving a Rolls Royce. But it's still my first and only choice of the SUV. I would like AMG instead of 350 D but what is there is…(Google Translator😡)

  6. Handsome car..just my type..was going for the XC90, but will wait another year, and buy this beast. Simply stunning.

  7. this guy is so hilarious…Knows his descriptive words pretty well..I'm just cracking up 🤣🤣to his hands on demonstrations


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