LEGENDARY Badminton Skills – Featuring Lin Dan, Taufik Hidayat, Lee Chong Wei, Peter Gade


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  1. 5:03
    Lin dan: calmly drops and wins the point

    Me:panics and smashes shuttle on the floor, trips and breaks racket (and loses point)

  2. Klo legenda itu pebulutangkis yang pernah kejuaraan tertinggi di dunia semacam OLIMPIADE klo Taufik & Lin dan memang harus di Cap Legenda karena semua kejuaraan sudah merekA Rasakan sekarang Le chong we apakah disebut LEGENDS ???? Mendali Olimpiade aja gak pernah Lee dapatkan sungguh konyollll …..

  3. Peter Gade is my favorite of the 4 due to his tricky and deceptive innovation. Also the fact that he still did so well despite being old. 2011 World Championship was epic for him, Lin Dan, and Lee Chong Wei. That specific tournament, Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan were arguably at the end of their prime but still IN their prime yet Peter Gade got 3 impressive sets off of Lin Dan. Something no one can ever hope to achieve at the age of 34. Taufik sadly lost the spark of passion for badminton after his marriage life began. He would be the best ever if he was still as passionate as his 2004 self. He's still the reason I work so hard on my backhand smash. Lol


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