Journey Deep Into Son Doong Cave | Son Doong Cave Expedition


Entering Son Doong cave we descend into darkness. It’s truly incredible! So incredible that all I can hear is my childhood hero David Attenborough’s voice …



  1. Man! if only u had known u were walking amongst the elephants
    So many shots of their face and eyes, skin
    That flattish area that had mud on the upright bristles was probably the back of a baby elephant as they are really hairy.

    Research mud fossils
    Geology that was biology
    Your looking at Asian elephants
    They die with family groups trunks up to get the last bit of air
    The circular chimneys are trunks up
    Look for the ends of trunks together, trunks sideways together
    And there are whole elephants there too
    Scale is titan giant to their babies we could recognise at our scale

  2. Hmm honestly it shouldn't be allowed to bath in the river. I mean dont you think it would pollute the water which has been pristine for millions of years? Why do we humans have to really go and spread the pollution everywhere?

  3. Hi Matt, try to look for this, what is this cave?
    There is several Giant cave unpu lication. perhaps China Goverment dont want visitor make the cave beauty broken .

    Check this out

  4. (As David Attenbourgh) Thank you Matt for sharing such an incredible journey, through a cave, a wonder, an amazing moment in time.

  5. I waited but all I could hear glimpse tones of Prince Charles amazing, That and the clapping. I wouldn't visit the tower of London, as room is waiting. I hope you don't slip Matt! Cheers

  6. You really did a great impersonation of David Attenborough. I couldn't even describe the words too! Just looking at your footage I could imagine how fascinating the inside looks with my own eyes. The view of the entrance looked epic with the background lights.. man I really want to experience this expedition. Thanks for sharing Matt. Matt Fraiser reminds me of the young Michael Douglas.. don't you think.. Ja Yoe my friend's!


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