IELTS Sample Answers about Tourism: Speaking Parts 2 and 3


How to answer IELTS Part 2 and Part 3 questions about Tourism.

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There has already been a video on this channel about the common IELTS topic of Travel.

However, there was a recent request, made by a student commenting on a video of mine, asking for more specific advice related to the topic of Tourism.

So, here you go!

Tourism could come up on IELTS Speaking Part 2, if you are asked to describe a holiday you took, or a tourist attraction in your town.

In this video, I answer the IELTS Part 2 question:

Describe a time you had difficulties as a tourist.

However, the concept of tourism- its advantages/disadvantages, its development in past, present and/or future- could be seen in Speaking Part 3 or Writing Task 2.

In this video, I answer the IELTS Speaking Part 3 question:

How has tourism changed in your city in recent years?

Please watch this video and take notes on my linking words and transition phrases, interesting vocabulary you hear, and the specific examples and details I provide.

Then, practice answering the same questions I did.

Here are some bonus Part 3 questions for you to answer:

How might tourism change in the future? (in your city, country, and world-wide)

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  1. wow!awesome! if ill be question on the actual exam and doesnt write any keywords on paper?ill be in trouble tho.thank you for such wonderful idea that you share on this youtube.

  2. Accurate maps of Venice do exist. I clearly remember following one a few years back. Although I can't actually recall whether we managed to get where we intended to.

  3. What are the most common asked questions in part2&3? Can you please make a video about this with details..thanks in advance xx

  4. 2) To my mind , significant jump , specific / most recent change , environmentally friendly , rental bikes , traffic , hotels … etc .

  5. 1) Let's see, despite , actually , off the beaten path ,such as , to my mind , to be frank , maze , no sense of direction , get lost , side street / alley , correct me if I'm wrong , gold statue , copper stone , super , awesome , memorable time , map , …. etc.

  6. Hi, Jessica I''m one of your loyal listeners. first of all i'd very much appreciatw what you have taught us here.. but I have a "small" request that could you just pls put some key subtitles along the bottom of the video that you have posted so as to be fully understood by non-native speakers. much obliged! have a nice day ahead?

  7. Thank you for a great video,Jessica! Could you please talk about advantages and disadvantages of living high rise buildings.Thanks in advance:)


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