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Vlog 13 – Hoi An, Vietnam

we took a 45 minute taxi from Da Nang to Hoi An, settled into our next hotel before hiring push bikes to go and explore parts of the Ancient Town. After nearly a week in Hoi An, here is what we got up to!

Things to do Hoi An, Vietnam

1. Ancient Town, Hoi An

Of course if you are going to be spending time in Hoi An, you are bound to visit the Ancient Town. By day it has bustling markets, lots of coffee shops and is an ideal location to cycle the streets whilst doing a bit of shopping… they have custom made tailors / shops all over should you need any travel clothes!

By night, the place completely transforms… the lanterns come alive, lights everywhere, even on the water where locals light candle lanterns which you can buy and release along the river. You will not be short of food options in the Ancient Town either. It was incredibly busy around the time we were visiting, just after Vietnamese new year, but don’t expect Hoi An to be quiet any time of the year. The Ancient Town has a real charm to it, embrace it’s culture and you will enjoy your time here.

2. Basket Boat Tour, Coconut Forest

This was by far our FAVOURITE experience whilst in Hoi An, Vietnam. The ladies rowing the boats were so nice, and floating among the coconut forest is a real treat. Our guide took out a fishing rod and managed to catch a crab… only to lose it in the boat haha, we panicked!

The Chinese / Korean tourists took to basket boats nearby, and their guides decided to play all kinds of ‘banging’ tunes to get them fired up… with the guides dancing, doing stunts on their basket boats. Interesting to see!

3. Marble Mountain

OK Marble Mountain is actually a little closer to Da Nang than it is Hoi An… but we ran out of time in Da Nang so had to head back that way to visit the famous location. Worth it! The caves, the views, the statues, everything about this place is impressive…

The only difficult bit is all the steps up to the top haha! We managed to fly the drone out from Marble Mountain too, hope you like our footage.

One thing, expect A LOT of people visiting here. If possible, arrive early morning to avoid the mass crowds. You’ll never find yourself alone in any of the caves though, easily one of the most popular tourist destinations around Da Nang & Hoi An.

4. Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An

Not the nicest beach on the coast of Vietnam, but worth seeing. It’s a real shame to see what natural erosion has done to the beach, with most of it’s sand swept away a few years back… I think that’s what makes this beach unique, looking at old google pictures, the beach looks so different nowadays. Inspiring to see the efforts the Vietnamese are going to in order to keep parts of the beach intact vs the tide.

5. Jack’s Cat Cafe

Are you a cat lover? Then you will LOVE this little cat cafe located just out of town. It’s location isn’t an easy find, even with google maps… largely because the owners don’t want to draw attention from locals who might want to break in and steal the cats for their ‘meat trade.’

The volunteers are doing a great job at the cafe, caring for more than 70 rescue cats. They all have unique personalities, especially the kittens we met on the day 🙂 Expect most of the cats to be lazing around, it’s hot in Hoi An and long days being kept safe in the cafe grounds must make these little guys a bit tired, day in day out.

Oh and take a look in the pond… you’ll see a HUGE fish in there!
Bigger than the cats haha!

That summarises our time in Hoi An, Vietnam.

We had a great few days here, ate lots of tasty local food and experienced some of the best travel hotspots the area has to offer.

Next stop for us is Nha Trang. We will be catch a train from Da Nang all the way to Nha Trang. 10+ hours of fun… not! Only in Vietnam 🙂


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