HARRY WINKS' TEABAG TEKKERS! Best home skills and tricks from Spurs players and fans! #SpursAtHome


Take a look at some of the best skills and drills from the Spurs family! We’ve been asking Spurs fans across the globe to show us how they’ve been keeping busy …

Nguồn: https://joincrossblog.com/


  1. I love how the majority of these are people actually being healthy and going outside when I’m just being a couch potato and binge playing FIFA.

  2. Harry winks is so underrated man and I’m a Liverpool fan he has got a bright future ahead if mouriniho doesn’t treat him like pogba

  3. How can you run out of toilet rolls (because of COVID – 19 )?? The virus attacks the lungs … not the bum 😂

  4. Winksy clearly can't make a good cup of tea, that is criminal technique tbh.

    Water in first, then the tea bag and didn't let it stew at all?!


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