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  1. Should put electronic frosted glass for meeting room and offices. Clear when you want frosted when you want. My office has it set up as frosted means busy and clear means available or if you don’t want to get distracted what’s going on on the other side of the glass.

  2. IDEA: Next construction tour. Duplicate the skit from family guy. Brian and Stewie using a walkie talkie and finishing the conv with "OVER". Should be sorta funny

  3. I’m a ER nurse and i always look forward to watching your videos on my days off. I need all the humor i can get rn

  4. Ive been watching Maxx for so long that I just had a feeling if I watched until the very end, he was gonna throw in that clip lmao.

  5. Idk why, but this video slapped extra hard for some reason. Might be the sleep deprivation I dunno. Keep it up there, feller

  6. just to trow this out there, I like that you appreciate Oz putting in the work and give him his own proper space to be creative. Digging that for sure!

  7. i don't know what we would be doing in this pandemic without Christians poetry skills. Next video Christian sells alphalete to become full time poet!

  8. 13:00 "A Christmas Story" reference ftw. I was hoping Maxx would then say, "Fragile! (Fra gee-lay), must be Italian". HA!

  9. I was really hoping that you didn’t actually drive with the fridge that tied down that way… just lay it down and one… MAYBE two straps would’ve been plenty. Holy crap 😂

  10. I don't see it said enough on these videos lately, but Oz is CRUSHING it. Maxx is great too. But damn, these edits… so good.

  11. Hi Max! Huge fan of your videos! Just wanted to ask what kind of different cameras you use when you record your videos ?! Have eny that you can recomend to someone who is just starting out? Eny tips?


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