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Hello guys, in this video we compared different types of shuttles used in badminton which are plastic and feather based on their cost, performance and use.

Hope you liked the video.

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(E)- English Willow and (K)- Kashmir willow
Cricket Bats Under 1500:
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2. SG Sunny Tonny (E)-
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Cricket Balls:
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2.SG Test Leather Cricket Ball- Flipkart-
3.SS Yorker Leather Cricket Ball- Amazon-

SG Hanging Ball for Practice:- Amazon-

Budget Badminton Rackets:
1.Yonex Nanoray 7000i- Flipkart- Amazon-
2.Yonex Nanoray 6000i- Flipkart- Amazon-
3.Yonex Nanoray 7 AH- Flipkart- Amazon-

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2.Yonex Mavis-350 Shuttle- Flipkart- Amazon-

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  1. bro feathers wala shuttle cock ke speed kam ya zyada nahi kar sakti… speed zyada awr km serf plastic wala me hosakta hei.. agr feathers wala shuttle ke feathers ko mor diya tu wo toot jayeingei

  2. Plastic shuttle ka cork halka hota h feather shuttle se..
    feather shuttle se strings bhi jaldi toot ti h
    Dono shuttles ka weight same hota h

  3. Ullo kahika….. plastic ka Mavis 350 ho ya m310 Mai balance bht accha hai ….father se !!
    Or jitna bhi accha player ho 10_12 game Aram se chal jata hai Mavis 350 ya Mavis 310 plastic wale se 😊


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