Dota 2: How to Socket Gems (2017)


Today I am bringing you a dota 2 guide on how to socket gems in 2017.
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  1. I added a socket to kunkka's immortal sword (THE GREEN ONE THE REVIVAL THING) then afterwards the "heroes hit with torrent" doesnt add anymore any advice?

  2. Tell me a thing >After getting gem U can also get different animation of skills.LIke buying a gem of juggernaut >So u will get that black lines on omni slash pic and also black lines on bladefurry ?reply fast

  3. Hi snoopy, love your videos really helpful. I was wondering if you can tell me how to equip ethereal gems into Items ( not couriers). Thanks in Advance

  4. ye its very easy. you just need to get a 1$ chisel to unlock the socket slot so you can add in a 0.05$ gem into the item


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