COMBO MASTER! – Combat Tournament Legends


EPIC COMBOS! EPIC STICK MEN! What more could you want?

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What JELlegendz does?
Hey what’s going on everyone?!? I’m just a regular guy who likes to play video games, and records himself playing them, i play all different types of games whether RPG like Dungeon Siege etc, Adventure like Minecraft, Terraria, Alice Madness Returns etc, FPS like Half life, Black mesa or Garry’s Mod, NOT CALL OF DUTY, Horror like Amnesia, Cry of Fear etc. Also i plan to play a whole lot of Indie games with in between genres of gaming . If you like that idea, why not subscribe and watch more! Or suggest me a game to play. It really encourages me to upload more videos and do what i love. THANK YOU for all the support you give me. Now why are you still reading this? go on!

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  1. How to beat bluebox:

    Just keep using your grabbing somebody with you and jump in the air move, just keep doing that until hes defeated

  2. basically for me, that's stick fighting games without guns and super smash bros and it's fan games mixed with ultra steroids and
    infinite level infinity rage potions in clash of clans/clash royale


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