Cloud Raiders – The Gauntlet [3] vs. Fully Upgraded Stronghold 10


This video refelects on the strength of the new Stronghold 10 unit: The Gauntlet. Here I am also showing different attacking strategies and troop combinations to beat Stronghold 10 bases and at the end I am fighting against a fully upgraded one, so watch it to the end 😉

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Have a great raid,
The Bozzz

Song: Anomaly Detected
Artist: Per Kiilstofte

Music used: Anomaly Detected by Per Kiilstofte

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International


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  1. i notice u attack bases with less than 200k gold and using barells in worth about 100k or more, how do u make gold in this game? im having similar problems since i upgraded to lvl 10 sh cause im getting realy poor oponents and game lets ppl raid me for 400 00 easy, im happy to find a 150k gold opponent, i wish there was reroll back to sh9 this is not interesting anymore its constant struggle. anyone else has this problem?
    i used to farm about 2-3 mil gold per day now i can hardly farm 500-600 000 per day :((

  2. hey! i have now SH9 and i want to upgrade the basic thing and the i will upgrade to SH10, then i will upgrade everything. psss… nice video!!!


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