Cars and Vehicles for Kids – Learn Vehicles Names and Sounds | Transportation sounds | HD


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Vehicles, cars, tractors and construction machinery. Free games, photos and car sounds.
Thanks to this app you will be wasting your time wisely. This will help you get acquainted with various cars and cars, fascinating photos and car sounds will help you have a good time in the car, in the waiting room and in many other places.
For the convenience of presentation of cars and cars, a slideshow mode is available.
With the ability to change the language, the Sounds of Cars application can also serve as a set of language learning cards.
Set up great photos of cars, cars, tractors and construction equipment as wallpaper (background on the main Android screen) and enjoy them when you use your phone or tablet.
You can customize the sound of an ambulance, a police car or the roar of a Formula 1 engine as a ring tone, an alarm or a notification on your phone and listen to it every time your phone rings.
Application functions:
● Sounds and images of the most popular vehicles and cars from around the world,
● Vehicle name in 25 languages,
● Full-screen photos of real vehicles and cars in HD,
● A real and effective tool also sounds as a ringing tone, notification and alarm,
● Photos of cars and vehicles as wallpaper on your phone or tablet,
● Simple and intuitive,
● Memory game,
● Scratch card game,
● A puzzle game,
● Terrestrial vehicles: cars, construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles,
● Watercraft: ships, boats, sailboats, yachts, ferries, boats,
● Aircraft: airplanes, balloons, gliders, jets, rockets, helicopters,
● Slideshow mode (automatic playback of all vehicles),
● The back button can be locked to prevent accidental deactivation of applications,
● Learning the language.

Cars and Vehicles for Kids – Learn Vehicles Names and Sounds | Transportation sounds | HD:


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