Careers in Marketing – How to Choose a Specialty and Score the Best Salary (2019)


Are you ready to start your digital marketing career and wondering which specialty to focus in? How do you set yourself up to find a great job, and what …



  1. Hey, I'm in first year of Mass Media (Bachelor). I want to know what is the scope marketing, public relations ans mass media in Canada? Can I do a master's degree in canada?
    I would be really thankful if you could help.

  2. I'm currently a junior in college right now and I've done two internships with media agencies, one was only a month but I was able to learn a little bit of everything, and the other I did was 3 months of Paid Search and 3 months of Paid Social. I really want to go into marketing strategy because I feel like that's a combo of creativity and data, being able the formulate a specific strategy and message based on your target market and what channels are most profitable. That's why I've done these internships so I have a good knowledge of different channels before I jump into media planning which I'll be doing an internship in this summer. I've heard that starting out in media planning has the best growth potential but I wanted to get your input on this?

  3. Do you know what jobs you can get with just an associates in Marketing and Sales Management? I'm trying to find some career paths

  4. Very helpful advise for Digital Marketing. Thanks a lot. Contact Bowaba Kuwait for all Digital Marketing and Advertising needs.

  5. I have product marketing experience for 2 years but our comapny gets a lot of the work done by agencies like SEO, content syndication etc. While I know about all these, to get the real hands on experience where do I start? And I am interested in growth designer profile, how to become a growth designer?

  6. I'm a highschool business/commerce student, I'm really interested in Digital Marketing (Content creating & SEO). This video is super helpful!! I just love this video, straight to the point, no music, no extra introduction etc! SUBSCRIBED!! 💖😍💖

  7. Thanks for the video. Getting an internship in digital marketing is a great idea as it is something that will definitely get you into this. There are literally SO many opportunities and job offers in the field. The basic annual salary for a person with a little bit of experience is usually 60k and it is only the beginning. By the way, I run a youtube channel where I teach digital marketing, there's lots of useful stuff, check it out.

  8. im an introvert but im very interested in this filed… do you think as an introvert ill succeed??
    i like creator content

  9. 🧠✨ Thanks for sharing, I am trying to build my LinkedIn profile in a way to position myself, in order the app show me high paying ( 100k ) job offer. I am trying to identify the skills to add ( keywords ). Find brands that are hiring.

  10. What marketing job is right for me I like infographics to Google Ads to PowerPoint presentations and website creations and press releases

  11. Hey Eric, what's up man? I really enjoyed watching your video on getting started in Marketing. I am actually headed back to school next year for an MBA and wanted to know if you have any advice on the types of classes I should be taking in the program? Also, do you have any advice for finding marketing internships/opportunities in a small town setting? Really look forward to hearing back. Thanks so much for the video.

  12. I am thinking of getting into an international marketing job because I became fascinated with business and I can fluently speak two languages, which can be beneficial. However, I am an introvert and have struggled with interacting with people, which has limited me in terms of what I want to pursue in the future. Would marketing most likely not be a job that I should go for?

  13. Thank you so much for this video. I'm going into my freshman year of college soon and attempting to figure out what I want to do. This video was SO helpful and full of great information… really gave me hope that I can realistically succeed in the marketing world.

  14. This video is a gem. Thank you very much. This one, which I found on the internet, helped me too:

    I am sure that I love digital marketing, and your video justified my passion. Thank you!

  15. Great video. Thank you. What’s your idea about marketing management in college. I am international student and my English is Not perfect for communication, so do you think this point is an obstacle for my improvements?? How much is this important? I am a mom of two kids. Can I? What personality needs this job?

  16. Hello! I recently got into my dream school but only for my second choice major which was Advertising. Since the school has one of the best Advertising programs in my area, it would really help me in my decision of whether or not to take the offer if you could give me an idea of what careers I’d expect as a Advertising major. Thanks so much!

  17. Yo Eric I really want to work I. The marketing field but I don’t what I really want to do. Can you help me out please! What is the best marketing role to work at I’m extremely confused and don’t know what’s best!

  18. Is it true that majoring in Marketing is a waste of time and that I should just join a marketing company and hope to level up?


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