Special Canyonig Tour In Dalat
( At Datanla waterfall)

Special canyoning dalat is a gift which mother of natural gave for us and for you who have a strong heart but the soul loved and liked to conquer the natural. We designed this Special canyoning Tour based on the challenging of creator for you to face. Arousing instinct to conquer and potential power in humans. Fear of weakness will push you to the limit, tell you who you are and what you will do. The program is as follows:
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Departure at around 8. am starting at the hotel across the foggy valleys to reach the basecamp. Here we are equipped with specialized equipment such as harnesses, life jackets, helmets, ropes, carabiners, figure8, wetsuits…. start over 8 km to conquer the risky activities hidden deep in the jungle from this challenge to another challenge. Before joining the program, you will be well trained by experienced guides to archieve proficiency in basic techniques as well as the handling of hypothetical situations to make sure you are ready for the upcoming tense journey.
Station: Dry Cliff 18m
This is the first activity after we mastered the skill of abseiling and controlling the speed of to go down from the vertical cliff. Shaking for sure you may get, but you will be very excited when you throw yourself into the air and land down safely. And then, we head further down to bottom of amazing waterfall for couple of goes before continuing downriver
Station 2: Ziplining.
A light-headed activity like a light coffee will awaken the person you are to prepare for the next difficult journey. The wall is about 15 meters high, the waterfall is light from the top, where you will abseil down the rock cliff and then slide down along the cable and above the falls and river

Station 3: Water sliding

Over time, the rocks were eroded by the water, making it the ideal spot for us to be gone with the water. When you gently lay down with two arms embracing the shoulder, take a deep breath it is the time that water pull you slide down the wall, here you plunge to the bottom of the water and emerged with a feeling of excitement.
Station 4: waterfall Conquering ( 25m waterfall)
This station is a very difficult challenge to overcome. It seems to be impossible. Waterfall is 25m high and 20m wide. The water pours down massively. All thoughts are against you. What you need is a strong heart and a cold head to converse and conquer it.
Station 5: “Free jump”
This station is a 7m high jump wall, you will not have to hesitate so much before jumping a step far into the air and dive into the green pool. Show off your techniques as you love the leap.
Station 6: Washing machine Waterfall
Without stopping, you are going into the next brainstorm. It is the hardest choice in your quest to succeed, continue to make more effort and get stronger for a perfect day or just stop in fear to regret.
Waterfall will spin you around, clean your body and push you out of the falls before hiking up to the rest room and meet our vehicle for transport back to town.
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