Border control! Bikepacking Myanmar Ep.1


Welcome to our bike packing Myanmar series.

Episode 1. We cross the border from Thailand, and are instantly welcomed by the beautiful people, we find ourselves in some muddy situations, seeking out the road less travelled

As we deal with extreme weather conditions typical of a South East Asian wet season.

Settle in for this adventure as head towards the bustling city of Yangon.

This episode takes us from Mae Sot in Thailand crossing the border to Myanmar to the tourist town of Hpa-An.

We got an early start on day one, we had 65km to cover with over 1100m climbing. Crossing borders is always a risky game and you never know quite how it will pan out.

And after two days on the road today we happily pull into Hpa-an. A popular stop on the backpacker’s route, known for it picturesque backdrop of mountain ranges, on the Salween River and magical cave systems.

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Gear: Sony A6000
16-50mm kit lens
55-210mm lens
Rokinon 12mm wide-angle
DJI Spark drone
DJI Spark Fly more Combo
GoPro Hero 5
GoPro mounts
MacBook Pro

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  1. Inspiring video, thanks. How do you estimate each leg (time & distance)? Is Myanmar safe? I'd like to do Mumbai-Dhaka-Yangon-Bangkok and take 3months. Is that feasible for an amateur doing 50km per day?

  2. the spikey fruit is called durian and its a 10/10 for me (you just hqve to get used to it). anyway you guys inspire me to bike tour with my girlfriend too. hope i can do what you guys do soon! love your videos!

  3. I’m heading to the Ranong these days. 12 days left until i have to be in Bangkok. I wonder if you would recommend a trip via Myanmar or shall i rather stay in Thailand on go up to Bangkok all by the sea roads?

  4. those guys were probably rebels groups soldiers and those people are not beggars they are collecting donation I know you didn't know but dam it hearts

  5. Nice video it looks really hard cycling in Myanmar I've cycled across Malaysia, Thailand and Laos myself I was going to head into Myanmar but I got knocked off my bike by a drunken motor bike rider it was songkran, the thing with bike touring is you never know what's around the next corner, stay safe and don't let that guy with the gun put you off keep those pedals turning let's hope you have plenty more adventures on your bikes good luck.

  6. Great videos! Those tiny bananas are hysterical. 🙂

    One thing about the vegetarian food… you had a fried egg on top. 🙂


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