Biti's – Bringing Tet Home with the Sounds of Tet


Vietnamese shoe brand Biti’s returns for the third straight year with a campaign for Tet – the country’s biggest celebration of the year.

The team at Dentsu Redder told us that for this year’s Tet campaign they wanted to do something different that would stand out from the abundance of holiday ad work.

“Early on in the campaign development, we felt that sounds were an untapped device in Tet communications in Vietnam – while being the most powerful sign of an authentic Tet – and a very powerful tool to evoke past memories, experiences, and emotional connections.”

The creative team also sought to leverage the insight that, “Tet only starts for parents when their kids come home,” adding that “If parents wait for their kids to return to truly feel Tet spirit, for the youth is Mom’s phone call that marks the start of the most important time of the year.”

Video uploaded with the permission of Dentsu Redder.


Client: Biti’s Hunter
CMO: Hung Vo
Project Owners from Biti’s: Cuong Nguyen, Gia Phu Le Tang, Hieu Dam, Nguyen Nguyen, Hien Le
Chief Creative Officer: Edmund Choe
Senior Creative Director: Livio Grossi
Supporting Creative team: Mai Le, Mark Vo
Project team: Hieu Bui, Sang Ngo, Ai Trang Nguyen, Quynh Nguyen, Huy Pham
Director: Camille Marotte
DoP: Ludovic Zuilli
Music: Don Nodey
Project Manager: Hieu Bui
Production House: Plan A
Executive Producer: Lorenc Hoxha
Producer: Ngan Nguyen


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