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Best of Epic Music 2012 1-hour full cinematic – The best epic music collection of all times. Full HD version available at Request …



  1. ive been hearing this montage since i was 14 years old and im still getting chills everytime i found this on my favorite folder

  2. I remember those days laying on my couch high as fk listening to these epic music with my headphones at night, travelling with my mind.. such good memories.

  3. March 2020.. And humanity suffered from corona. We are in quarantine and wishes to everyhing get better and hope for health and good things.

  4. even after 7 years, when I started to hear these songs in 2012, for me this is still the one of best cinematic song, for sure there are great songs over these years after, but this is special for me (now I'm drunk)!) whatever, this video inspired me… foda-se…

  5. 7 years ago I used to watch this video on repeat non-stop. Now 7 years after I decided to comeback to this video and what can I say other than time flies so damn quickly. I got emotional during this video because this video was my favorite when I was young. Thank you so much for these epic songs and montage

    Have a nice day

  6. One if not only best edited youtube video ever made it's just amazing seeing someone put so much effort in something like this.
    When i heard this back in 2013 ( still remember the moment tho) i said to myself ill watch this even if is 2hrs because everytime i'm alone in house (used to live in village surrounded with mountains very quite place not so much populated close to sea where you can actually see it from terrace used to have armchair on it) i would just put my headphone on or sometimes speaker sit on armchair start my laptop and enjoy in music on windy sunny time and enjoy in moment ^_^ !

  7. It's 2020 and still listening to this while gaming, reading and doing homework to help my focus 🙂 Life-saver EPIC


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