Best MP3 Player in 2019 | Top 5 Music Players


👉5 – SanDisk Clip Sport 4GB MP3 Player –
👉4 – Sony NWE395/B –
👉3 – HIFIMAN MegaMini MP3 –
👉2 – Apple iPod touch –
👉1 – ACTIVO CT10 –
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👉5 – SanDisk Clip Sport 4GB MP3 Player – N/A
👉4 – Sony NWE395/B –
👉3 – HIFIMAN MegaMini MP3 – N/A
👉2 – Apple iPod touch – N/A
👉1 – ACTIVO CT10 –
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👉5 – SanDisk Clip Sport 4GB MP3 Player – N/A
👉4 – Sony NWE395/B –
👉3 – HIFIMAN MegaMini MP3 – N/A
👉2 – Apple iPod touch –
👉1 – ACTIVO CT10 –

Coming in at 5th place is the SanDisk Clip Sport 4GB MP3 Player, which clips right onto your clothes to keep it secure at all times. It is a great choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts with its long battery life and easy to use design.
In 4th place we have the Sony NWE395/B, which gives you a dynamic normalize for crystal clear audio with a high degree of detail. It charges up quickly and lasts a long time, so frequent charging isn’t necessary.
In 3rd place is the HIFIMAN MegaMini MP3, which has a nice portable design that makes it easy to keep right in your pocket at all times. It uses advanced driver technology to give you a booming sound.
In 2nd place is the Apple iPod Touch, which has a beautiful full color retina display and a state-of-the-art processor for fast and seamless functionality.
In 1st place we have the ACTIVO CT10, which is the best overall mp3 player due to its powerful and versatile design. It is the perfect device for listening to music while exercising or working out. This device supports a number of popular music streaming apps, and it gives you all the storage you’ll ever need.

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  1. I want to hear books. If I buy an mp3 gadget how to get audio books onto it? Obviously I don't know anything about tech advances, so thank you.

  2. I want bt5 and super easy and quickly find songs… Good God $300 or less and none of them have Bluetooth fuck that…

  3. I'm surprised there isn't any mention of bluetooth. With bluetooth headphones and earbuds being the norms nowadays, any reviews of music players should include info on their bluetooth capabilities, lags, connection stability and etc. It's disappointing that this is missing.

  4. The Sony ones are utter shite. I've always bought Sony. Recently purchases two of the ones reviewed here. One had to be returned as the battery from a full charge lasted no more than 20 minutes. The second of the two the battery lasts about 3 hours. I have a Sony Nwz-E585 that's 5 years old and another model that is over 12 years and both last me for about 40 hours. The 12 year old one is beginning to fade in terms of battery but still lasts longer than the one reviewed here. The player i had to return i assumed was a one off issue so replaced it with the same model. If i get 3 hours out of the replacement I'm lucky. Sony products seem to have gone to shit these last few years. I bought Sony for it's quality but also battery life but lately their products have disappointed me.

  5. Idiot so idiot so damn idiot, all was cool but iPod 2nd place? Of what? Of very option limited audio device? F*ck that, and in the 1st place player you talk about high resolution audio 24 / 96 and after that you say you can get the best CD audio quality(?? What the heck, different things that are not the same quality or whatever, you have to read more about audio quality in first instance. iPod lol AAC 256kb/s Come On.

  6. As of March 23, 2020 the first three are not available on Amazon in the US. Remaining two are and are expensive.

  7. To make more sense & be useful to your viewers, I think you should expand your list by splitting into 4 categories based on price – 1) cheap mp3 player (like what you have here) 2) mid-priced eg. between USD100 & USD400 like Sony A-series, most ChiFi DAPs, etc 3) upper-mid price USD450 to just below USD1000 with hi-res features like Sony ZX-300/500 series, A&K SR15, iBasso DX160, FiiO M11, etc 4) high-end DAPs priced above USD1,000 like Sony WM1A/Z, A&K Kann Cube, SP2000, FiiO M15, iBasso DX220 etc..

  8. Garbage normalo review. For anyone who apparently doesn't give a toss how audio devices sound.
    The usual everyday useless bumph and bollocks.

  9. Smartphones: get introduced in 2007
    Spotify: gets founded in 2008
    YouTube algorithm in 2020: THE 5 BEST MP3 PLAYERS 2019!!!1!1!!11!

  10. No Cowon Plenue? No FiiO anything? No Hidisz? Completely disagree that you found the “best” mp3 players.


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