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Demonstrate the use of a fixed clamp machine. Stringing a Yonex Arcsaber 10 PG with Yonex BG80 @ 26lbs. total time was around 24mins.

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  1. hi i would like to ask if what is the highest or maximum tension for Arcsaber 10 PG? the arcsaber 10 PG specs says 19-24lbs. does it go even higher tension more than 24 lbs.? my friend has a arcsaber 10 PG and it is not original, i wonder if it can handle more than 24 lbs. tension even though it is not original.

  2. Hi guys. When stringing at for example at 27lbs.
    Do you use the same tension on mains and cross or is it different as someone said its 1 extra pound on cross. Can you clarify please.
    Also can you make a video on how to change & replace grommets using different tools please.

  3. Hi there, I have a little question. I recently strung an ArcSaber Z-slash and with the tension spreader, the racket head support got really in the way of the top string. So it was not straight when I pull tension and therefore lost some tension on that part after I'm done. Has it ever happened to you or is there anyway around that? Thanks

  4. for the speed –> i think i can do better (insert all the strings before applying Tension) about under 20 min (badminton not tennis)
    for the Quality –> stringing 4 knots better than 2 knots , i dont think so

  5. hmm,,,Thanks alot^^ but i want to put for the last is 30lbs. Even coz my racket has 5yrs already. So im afraid that my racket will be broken while they're stringing it up to 32lbs. Actually i have musclepower100. well thank you so much for continueing helping^^

  6. string breaks easier the higher the tension. going up in tension is not going to help you regarding string breaking. if you like bg68@28lbs then keep using it.

  7. Thank you to your respond^^.. well i had 23, and then when i was doing a training for a championship my string was my coach putted 26lbs. And after the tournament, unfortunately it was broken again. So i decided to put BG68 and 28lbs and it was explosive! it still not my question is, if it will broken again can i put until 30-32lbs? (or maybe the racket can't hold it too long?) what can you about it? ^^

  8. tension is in pounds.

    higher tension only work on player who has a lot of strength/power. if you are beginner, higher tension will give you less power.

    otherwise, anyone can go string 40lbs and smash like Lin Dan. makes no sense.

  9. hello guys.hmmm,,i have a question. is tension is pounds? for example my racket has 28 tensions(is it means 28 lbs?).. And if i put 30-32 tensions is it more powerful right? but it control can be decrease? thanks..i hope you answer quickly ^^

  10. not really. depends on your technique. if you can flex the stringbed at 26lbs. then you'll hit harder than at 24lbs. it's the same reasoning between stiff and flexible rackets. think of it this way, if it requires more energy to flex a stiff racket/stiffer stringbed, then when it rebounds, the energy return will be greater as well. the added control is also a great benefit.

  11. Adobe Premiere Elements.

    check out my latest videos, i think i have improved on the lighting a bit more. and also please subscribe. 🙂

  12. nothing special. just a off the shelf HD camcorder. the key to good looking video is good lighting. make sure your subjects are well lit. good luck!

  13. that's right. firstly, pre-weaving is not necessarily easier nor faster. i do not like dealing with untensioned strings. secondly, weaving and tensioning give the string more time to settle.

  14. I find that the answer depends on the stringer and the stringing machine. my old machine works better when main=cross while my new machine it is better for cross = main + 10%. experiment and see.

  15. all string breaks eventually. strings break easier if you are a strong player or if you play a lot, or if the tension is high. there is also a chance that the grommet is worn and need replacing, or simply your stringer isn't very good. 😉

  16. on doing 26 lbs do you keep the same tension for crosses and mains or do you change the tension for the cross strings.for mains what is your tension setting and what is the setting for crosses

  17. that's hard to say. it depends on how well the mounting was done and how the tensioning was done and what condition the racket was in. it is not clear cut who's fault it is. more examination is needed.

  18. that's correct. weaving strings one by one allows the strings to be tensioned longer, thus achieving a truer tension.

  19. what u mention is called "pre-weaving"

    pre-weaving is not necessarily faster. as you cannot achieve concurrency that way.

    it is all about practice.


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