Apple iPhone 9 – Unbelievable News!


We have some apple iphone 9 news that is going to please everyone!

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The apple iphone 9 is the upcoming smartphone from apple. Unlike many of their other releases the apple iphone 9 is set to be a very affordable handset while still providing the features everyone needs. We are currently unsure if this will be the apple iphone 9 or the iphone SE2 but what ever they call it, its set to be incredible! In todays video we go through the specs, design, launch & price of the upcoming iphone 9 along with an official unboxing and hands on video!

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  1. If the iPhone SE 4.7 and SE Plus 5.5 that cost 479$ and 400$ for the 4.7 will not have 2 Cameras even for the 4.7 with Ultra Wide camera the Lead Project and VPs Will be Fired.

  2. Boss what about battery? Don't make fake news let me release apple after we no review steel no event apple fake news

  3. Boss what about battery? Don't make fake news let me release apple after we no review steel no event apple fake news

  4. Guys does the regular iphone 12 have a 6.1 inch variant or is it only 5.4 inches something I read an article and I'm kinda confused

  5. Whats unbelievable about a 5 year old phone design thats being rehashed and been announced like 6 months ago.

  6. 100% this is mostly marketed at 3 categories of people. Enterprise use. Budget minded. And people who just want a smartphone without bells and whistles. I am definitely interested as I fall in category 1 and 2.

  7. I am disappointed about the battery capacity I could do with a 2500 or even the same as the iPhone 11 pro 2939mAh (I think) as that would be the best thing for that as the A13 is so good at battery management that would make it last around a day to a day and a half


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