Amber Heard EXPOSED in NEW BOMBSHELL Johnny Depp Video! She ADMITS IT!


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  1. You know whats sad? She won't get in trouble for this. Disney will pay Johnny money, maybe he'll get back his role as Captain Jack Sparrow… but that's it. We need to make women like her accountable for their actions.

  2. She doesn't deserve any sympathy from anyone. What kind of victim eats cookie while telling stories about them being abused? Aren't they supposed to look traumatized or smth? That smirk obviously proved that she was in fact the abuser, not the other way around. Don't even mention about aquaman. I won't even watch any trailers she's in. Dc can kiss their money goodbye if they still hire this despicable human being

  3. Listen I want nothing more than the works to understand what a terrible person Amber is. I want justice for Johnny. But holy fucking shit after 5 minutes of listening to you I’ve gotten no new information.

  4. my heart breaks for JD. hes done nothing wrong to any body (besides being a party animal). i kind of wish more of his male maste would stand up beside him too but they also have reputations to worry about. but besides that the new album for "hollywood vampires" might be worth a listen cause JD suposidly wrote about 6-8 of their songs with the delicious mr alice cooper singing the lyrics. might give you a view into what JD was thinking at that point of time.

  5. real domestic violence victims should come together and make her realise she will not be tolerated on any level ..And shame on not one main stream media not running anything about this travesty so far thats nearly as disgusting to me as she is.

  6. What gets me is where in the hell? and…..what court allows eating AT ALL! how is she getting away with just that thing alone? wtf? this person needs padded walls and a new white jacket…extra long on the sleeves………..

  7. Not even sure how this is still going on. look at both sides.

    Depp's side: "he's never done things like this in the past"
    Heard's side: has a history of doing this.

    hmm which side do I believe? You know if this was flipped, Depp would already be over.

  8. It's really too bad that people use the feminist movement as a front for malicious behavior. It totally ruins it for everyone else when a public figure does something so wrong and says it's part of whatever movement they claim to represent. Regardless of what she says she is, she is certainly not a feminist.

  9. The problem is…. the times today has now put a modifier on the act of lying.
    No one should care if the one talking is a special someone or part of something,
    IF YOU LIE, and the evidence supports it, YOU'RE A LIAR!!!

  10. So, he was in the bathroom. Door opens in. How was he trying to push the door? Who was trying to get into what room? How could she not leave?

  11. Woman have to seriously be put back in to LINE by the courts. Their behavior is seen multiple times on videos around the word to the point where they actually think and have been getting away with lies. Due to politicians and men in general ignoring them and their relentless bad mouthing and of coarse the power of the pussy.Yes of coarse money grabbing attorney's. I rest my case.

  12. Women do abuse men. They take advantage of the embarrassment that a man feels at being made a victim, and being thought of as a lesser man for it. Many figure, "Men can take it. "

  13. There’s a reason why Johnny didn’t get arrested. I can’t believe there are so many people thinking she’s honest with all this. People, be on the outside and you can see how fake this crap is. Smh

  14. Can you imagine having an appetite and eating while on a witness stand being questioned by attorneys? Cuz I can’t ! The eating was a delay tactic to give her a chance to make up more lies.

  15. I would say he it’s stupid not to get a prenup, but not like it even matters anymore. Their are plenty of ways around that…especially for lawyers the calibre Amber is hiring (likily using spare Johnny money).

  16. Well, if she is setting herself for a movie where she plays a bitchy villain which gets brutally killed at the end, she's doing a superb job. I'd go and watch that movie

  17. I still can't believe there are people who believe this narcissistic POS. As a woman and a feminist, I find it disgusting that she is using the women's movement for her own self serving purposes. I find it even more offensive that other feminists have not called her out on this… it's a-holes like her who hurt women who are really being abused. Will not see Aquaman 2 nor will I ever buy another L'real product because they will not hold her accountable for her actions.

  18. Female Ted Bundy.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if she commits murder. 6:13 😨 SO CREEPY with her sideway head tilts while smiling, eating calmly, switching facial expressions, downplaying the audio

  19. This toxic evil big liar fake starlet Amber Heard the gold digger can't help herself to promote herself by lying everywhere she can. She is a low life and will make everything even bad behavior. Some bad bastard was born like that by their genetic and hopeless to change.

  20. Amber has no idea that the idiots on twitter that support her still will never pay for a ticket to her films. That the people who have been watching and waiting for the truth will never again watch her movies. That she just ended her carrier. That the culture of listen and believe, has come and gone. And it had no real power in the first place. This is what happens when you tell someone they are pretty and let them get away with shit only because you think they are pretty. Power corrupts the stupid and amber has never been very smart.

  21. She’s a very bad actress, her mannerisms are off and so over exaggerated, just looking at her deposition video makes me feel uncomfortable. She has the strangest vibe. Definitely not like a “victim”. I was in a relationship like this and I never smirk, laugh or roll my eyes when recalling abuse or defending myself. She’s the abuser, it’s obvious from listening to their recordings. She does ALL the talking and he barely gets a word in. He speaks pretty calmly yet she’s hysterical or using a condescending, mocking tone. An abused woman would never do that. She’s so arrogant and sure of herself. Anyone can tell from these clips and conversations that she is the abusive one.

  22. This is a classic case of what everyone was scared of with the me-too movement you are going to have women that are just going to blatantly lie and a man's life would be destroyed over things he did not do and did not deserve thank God people are seeing this story for what it really is….. finally. Johnny lost 50 million dollars just for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie alone because her lies got him fired . Plus think about the fact that he probably gets offered over 80% of the big roles that come across producers desks in Hollywood and average pay for him is roughly 15 to 20 million for movies I mean obviously the Caribbean was different because the first three had made so much money but he's lost all those offers that he used to get as a result of this as well and the dude is still trying to be nice to her hats off Johnny you're a hell of a lot more patient than I could ever be.

  23. It is so obvious that Amber is full of s***. When you listen to that phone call they had after she drug him through the mud and got him kicked off Pirates of the Caribbean and lost him a 50 million dollar salary that guy when he finally got to speak to her he still tried to be nice to her and told her that she didn't want to go down this road that she didn't want to end up in court because he knew people were going to see her for what she really is and her flimsy ass going nowhere career is completely gone and he was trying to protect her from that even after all that she's put him through crazy crazy crazy folks in this day and age you do not need a piece of paper to tell someone you love them to hell with legal marriage


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