Alphabeat – Love Sea (Official Video)


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-Video credits:

Video by : Opus Film
Director of photography : Anders Reinholdt
Production planning : Jesper Gottlieb and Anders Reinholdt
Post Production : Chris Bjerremose

-Special Thanks to:

Denice Puggaard
Cecilie Korsgaard
Esben Zøllner Olesen
Theis Mortensen
Anja Weis
William Smolen & Anthony Leboissetier
Helle Bertrand
Copenhagen Airport

-We would like to thank and send lots of luuurve to all the happy faces and Love sharing photographers in the video:

Boy George
Jake Shears
Sam Sparro
Rune Glifberg
And of course Mr. Nile Rodgers

Hanneke Talbot
Connor Gettel
Morenike Jegede
Oliver Assens
Alexander Ludi Thomas
Pimms Brooke
Abby Munro
Thomas Ziefeldt Bil Pedersen
Hui Wang Kristensen
Denice Puggaard

Victoria Sanchez
Laura Hoyos
Barbara Schael
Marielena Viera
Ben Tschiesche
Per Lindqvist
Melissa Wisely
Mark Johansen
Itai Bordiny
Javier Berkhout
Yasser Bahasuan
Bettina Hosp
peter julius
david fritz
shaheer ullah
dimitri isaev
ian mitchell
david romero

Anna Höglund
Sandra Guldbransen
Mathias Bengtsson
Robin Huizer
Jørgen Lindegaard
Laura Lahikainen
Alexander Flensburg
Carl Hallencreutz

Alba Monfort
Angie Diarra
Darius Karremans
Milen Igrachev

Jeanett Aagaard Jensen
Trine Christensen
Gisela Grossi Baptsita
Sebastian Fick
Julius Dyrbye

Simone Svanberg Bøtcher
Shena Clair Georgina Rasmussen
Laura Katinaite
Claire Ginisty + family

Christine Shaw & Nick Pericone
Rikke Kolind Mathiasen
Marie Ramhøj
Cecilie Korsgaard Berg
Ari Marin
vanessa garver
Julian Laurent
Alexious Untergang

Alberte Nilausen
Anna Kirstine Schirrer
Nicolai Lewandowski & Lene Kirkegaard
Line Beck Thostrup

Jon Koch Hansen
Ronni Østergaard
Michael Baggesen
Daniel Kring Hansen

Aigerim & Nargiz
Flatbush Zombies
Spiderman Phil

Heidi Bech
Rikke Overbye
Nicole Blüme
Christine Tingleff Hansen
Mette Sørensen
Chris Bjerremose



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  1. Tænk at de havde nogle seriøse ulykkelige problemer under indspilningen af de her sange fra album 3

  2. not bad song, it just reminds me or any other song, danish pops is all about copycats from other countries original songs,  sorry, not offense intention but its the fact….

  3. Los amo!!! Alphabeat .. Espero regresar a Copenhague y conocerlos o que vengan a Mexico … Los amo!!

  4. This track is from their third album "Express Non-Stop" which peaked at number 3 on the album charts in Denmark so, no it wasn't a flop). It was only just released last September and since it's release they have released another non album single, so no they haven't disappeared off the face of the earth. Also "Express Non-Stop" was not download only. It is also available on CD. I have the CD.

  5. Whatever really happened to Alphabeat? Their third album was download only and they more or less just disappeared off the face of the earth. Did it flop?

  6. Kyle, how did you learn about Alphabeat?
    Obviously they are very popular here in Denmark and you can't hardly
    go to any festival without them being on the schedule.


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