2019 Toyota Vios 1.5 E Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour


Hello everyone! Today’s video will be about the Malaysian-spec 2019 Toyota Vios four door saloon with the 1.5 litre 2NR-FE naturally aspirated petrol engine producing 106 hp (107 PS) paired to a CVT in the E trim.

Below is the list of current Vios four door saloon variants available in Malaysia as of 16th September 2019. I arranged it from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Vios 1.5 J CVT
Vios 1.5 E CVT
Vios 1.5 G CVT

Video was filmed in – July 2019.

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Enjoy and thank you for watching!


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  1. Hey Alex.
    1. How's the fuel consumption for both modes; eco and sport?
    2. What did you say at 14:39 , "manual dimming"? What is it?
    3. When at night, does the dial meter color in E same as in G?


  2. It is skirting and spoiler is standard? Never see new Vios without it. And I like Yaris Ativ's front bumper style, look simple. This can be sporty but a bit busy for me.


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