2014 Mazda3 vs 2014 Ford Focus



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  1. This automatic love is beyond me. Maybe it's a generation thing, or a geographical one, or both. I wanna decide when to shift gear.

  2. Wow the Mazda is Mexico made as is the VW and in future Focus will be. The Cruze hach back is Mexico made and the versa as well. The Toyota corolla will be made in Mexico soon . I would go for the Honda made in USA. It costs more but a better car. The bad thing is they cost so much and if you want a manual transmission it will cost more for one!

  3. I'm disappointed that the mileage with these cars is so bad. My old Mazda 323 hatch [back when I had it] did the same thing. Not much changed except cars got fat and heavy.

  4. I have a 2014 focus se. Love love the car. The clutch works as a manual even though it's automatic. It gets annoying sometimes. They have the tcm software update for it. Waiting for the dealership to get it in cause they're so backed up. But it's a quick car looks sporty. Despite the shudder it is a good car to drive

  5. dont buy ford focus.. I own 2012 focus and it it nightmare… the transmission is shit as hell.. car vibrates whenver start off. back seats are too small.. resale value is shit… get civic, corolla, mazda3, jettta, elantra, etc… dont buy 1. dodge dart 2. ford focus 3. mitsubishi lancer. I am done with this garbage shit. I am going to get Subaru Brz or Nissan Maxima or Honda Accord.

  6. What about the dual clutch transmission failures on Ford Focus.I can't stop seeing complains about transmission failures and dual clutch automatic issues with any focus year 2008 and up. Are the same issues present in Mazda?

  7. Why in the world would they compare the Mazda with the optional 2.5L engine vs the standard 2.0L engine in the Ford?

  8. I'm not a fan of the Mazda's looks. The cabin looks like it's set too far back on the rest of the car, which is probably where the cargo space went. To me it looks like the car from The Ambiguously Gay Duo.

  9. These retards compared the top of the line Mazda 3 to a Focus with the base motor.. How about comparing it to the ST, you wankers?

  10. Ok im pretty sure the ford is also a 6 spd auto not dual clutch. It has auto shift and optional paddles but that doesnt make it a dct.

  11. A british investigation company made a test on 200.000 cars to define least problematic cars. 1-Mazda %17 2-Mercedes %25 3-Toyota %26 4-Honda %27 5-Mitsubishi %29 6-Volvo %30… List continues… This list shows mazda is a way much resisting than Ford. I have got a 84 model Suzuki alto. It s on 876.000 km. Still going. Not needed to renew the engine until now.

  12. So the question is:

    Which one do you guys prefer? Ford or Mazda?

    I prefer ford…then again, my mum said I get one


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