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Road Test Editor Mike Monticello gives you the pros and cons of the Honda Accord Sedan along with insight on pricing, safety,and fuel economy plus a list of competitors of the Honda Accord to check out including the Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima, Ford Fusion, Nissan Altima, Volkswagen Passat, and Toyota Camry.

Info on the 2012 Honda Accord Sedan:

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  1. i love accords… i have 2003 accord ex sedan still running like a champ and 2012 accord lx sedan runs like a champs as well

  2. In America we call Accord,,,in Europe/ Japan there is no Such thing call Accord,,,,they have Accord Typy S,,,that is Acura TSX,,,

  3. the accord is as big as a 5 series or a e-class benz
    sonata n optima r a size in which honda doesnt hav so they are wrong optima n sonata r like 3 series or c-class theyre in between a compact and full size unlike the accord

  4. The EPA rates the Accord as a full size, along with the Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima. They compete in the mid-size class because they are only slightly bigger than their midsize competitors.

  5. thats what i always like about the Accord. its more of a handsome car than a flashy one. It just has that swag that doesn't try to grab peoples attention. Rather it simply holds peoples attention without being too over the top like the Sonata or the Optima.

  6. Oh shit! I was supposed to reply to that idiots comment the original one not yours. Really bad accident

    My bad 😛


  7. You really dont understand the car segment and market do you. Not everyone tries to compete with BMW because they are a luxury/premium maker, not everyone can afford one brand new.

    Thats why we have the standard and economy segment. :S

  8. It is still available for the current 2012 model, it will be replaced by a turbo 4 for the 2013 model debuting later this year.

  9. I think that this is the most cool, understated and classy design in the segment even though its due for replacement.

    The sonata and new optima will not stand the test of time.

  10. This generation Accord is the worst on ever. From the brakes you need to change every 5K, the oil burning engine, cheap leather and hard seat's, horrible automatic which we can admit all 2000's Honda's had problematic transmissions. This is just a cost cuts car, its cheaply built and you can tell. The Altima that came out in 2007, (2006 technically) had puch button standard and this uses keys, a 5 speed auto. honda now days makes me sad, the H22 and F20C days are long gone. RIP Honda.

  11. The Honda Accord is a very good car indeed. All it needs is a update. The Hyundai Sonata and Optima have gotten their update and so has the Camry. If I was in the market for a mid-sized sedan it would probably be the 1.Accord Ex-L v6 Coupe 2.Toyota Camry SE V6 3.Hyundai Sonata SE 2.0T 4.Kia Optima SX 2.0T 5.Ford Fusion Sport V6.

  12. If the next Accord follows that the new Civic in being less good than its predecessor, then the new Accord will only be marginally better than the 200/Avenger, which were never that bad, though hamstrung badly, until those are replaced, not just updated.

    I'm sure most import fans will poo-poo my comment, but it is true. The Current Accord is acceptable, for now. What if the next Accord is only as good or isn't even as good as the current car?

    That's the rub.

  13. The New Malibu is really good, but it's no miracle car. It is vastly better than the car it replaces, and better than almost every car in the M/S FWD Family car segment, but there is still only so much about $30K will buy you.

    GM =General/Global Motors. Most GMs are still designed and engineered in the US. You can only name one Holden and one Opel sold outside their home countries. Holden = Caprice PPV (to be made in NA). Opel = Buick Regal.

  14. It's a shame how ugly Honda and Acura's cars have become. Whoever the designer is for the Honda brand should be fired. Bring back the clean designs that flow.

  15. Well, that's what making designs that are stereotypically "bland". The Camry and Accord are said to be the most boring models out there, yet they remain the best looking decades later, with the highest resale value and reliability ratings.


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