10 Best Badminton Racket for 2020


For 2020, badminton game, playing style and need to new equipments changed a lot. Now players need ultra strong but light weight material which can offer great accuracy, lightening fast racket speed and ultimate power on smash so player can dominate in the game.

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While badminton game is changing day by day and required lots of new feature and equipment at the same time, on the other hand, Badminton equipment manufacturer are doing lots of research to meet the pace of badminton game need.

Following are some quality of Best Badminton Racket :

For making good smash, Swing speed and power of racket is very important.

• Quick Badminton smash required fast racket swing speed which player can get with better aerodynamics head.

• For powerful smash, player needs good momentum which can be achieved by head heavy configurations.

• Proper position, eye contact and understanding of energy transfer are very important for good badminton smash.

• Shaft Flexibility plays key role in powerful badminton smash. Medium Flex shaft transfer better power to shuttle.

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