The Best Social Media Marketing

Best Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful platforms for communication available to us today. Nearly 75 percent of all online users are active on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Among social media websites, Facebook leads the pack with over 1.5 billion users, and over 1 billion daily logins. Combined, social media websites are home to 1 out of every 4 people on this planet, which is a statistic too big to ignore. When it comes to marketing, little gets in the way of social media. The ability to use all types of materials from images to text to videos, as well as the global reach of social networks makes them a prime ground for marketing.

Why Social Media Marketing is So Important:

Having seen a tenfold increase in usage in the past decade alone, social media is truly a force to reckon with. Running a social media campaign has become essential for everyone from global giants like Microsoft, Coca Cola, and Doritos to small neighborhood stores. Here are some stats that show the importance of social media marketing:

– 86 percent of all consumers use search engines to find products and deals which are often indexed from social media pages

– 84 percent of all marketers report using social media marketing; with the majority using social media for over 6 hours each week

– 83 percent of business owners maintain that social media management is vital to the success of their companies
– Social media consultants report 80 percent of all US customers connect with preferred brands on Facebook.

– Social network marketing has shown to have a 100 percent higher lead to sale conversion rate than traditional marketing practices.

The Best Social Media Marketing:

Some of the best known marketing campaigns in history have gone down on social media over the years, and many of those are still memorable for the level of ingenuity and creativity utilized in successfully marketing a product.

Let’s take a look at what makes the best social media marketing:

1. Unconventional Toilet Training:

One of the most successful campaigns of the last year has been “Squatty Potty”, a concept for toilet training. A true example of one of the best social media marketing campaigns ever, Squatty Potty reached over 10 million views in 2 months and helped push its product to the #1 Best Seller spot in its category on Amazon. The success of this campaign is largely credited to the colorful video that adds a whole new dimension of creativity to market a hygiene related product.

2. Save the Children:

With over 50 million views to its credit, Save the Children’s public service announcement styled video created waves on social media. Titled “Help is coming”, the video showed the real conditions children were facing in Syria, and opened the way for donations and public efforts to help alleviate some of the pain.

3. Bend the Rules:

Hewlett-Packard’s Bend the Rules campaign is carried over from 2014, and uses Vine stars to showcase HP products. The campaign includes crazy stunts like setting fire to devices as a means for getting the message out in a very time limited 6 second video clip. Specially designed to appeal to the younger client base, this campaign has proved to be one of the most effective marketing stunts of last year.

4. Kony 2012:

Who doesn’t remember the viral video that started a global drive for ending Child abuse and terrorism in the Uganda? While the facts about Kony are all out in the open, there is no denying that the entire concept completely relied on a social media campaign. The results it achieved were astounding: 100 million views on YouTube, 5 million tweets, 3.6 million pledges of support from around the world.

5. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

Here is another example of a viral social media campaign. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge gained national attention when 200 Boston residents took part in it, in an effort to raise funds for a resident suffering from the disease. As videos spread online, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge turned into a global phenomenon, trending worldwide on twitter, receiving over 75 million views on YouTube, and helping raise around $5.7 million for the ALS Association.

Other examples of the best social media marketing include Expedia’s South American Getaway contest, TOMS’ Without shoes campaign, Taco Bell’s snap chat stories, and GoPro’s Skateboarding Cat – all of which generated higher engagement with customers and translated into millions of dollars in product sales and services.

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